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DiveBuddy is an online scuba community that begin in 1998. Tens of thousands of scuba divers use DiveBuddy for everything related to scuba diving, not just finding a new dive buddy. With educational scuba articles, in-depth forum discussions, amazing underwater photos, detailed dive sites and is a wonderful resource for every type of scuba diver.

Our goal is to provide the scuba diving industry with a massive online community of scuba divers and dive retailers from all over the world. Membership is always free and the fun is virtually guaranteed. Even if you already have a dive buddy, create your own profile and start meeting other new and interesting divers right now. DiveBuddy is improving the scuba diving industry by providing a fun, active and full featured social network for scuba divers and dive retailers. Our website offers much more than your basic forum!

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     - Find new dive buddies in your local area or travel destination.
     - Browse Scuba Earth to view dive sites, dive centers, scuba divers, events and clubs from around the world.
     - Send messages and post comments to your dive buddies to stay-in-touch.
     - Search for local dive centers and instructors to continue your education or purchase dive gear/travel.
     - Search for scuba resorts or dive charters and go diving.
     - Share underwater photos with fellow divers.
     - Maintain a virtual dive log and view a summary of your dives with graphs and averages.
     - Read and write scuba diving articles or automatically import your articles from, wordpress, etc.
     - Participate in our diving question and answer forum.
     - Start or join a dive club and stay active within your community.
     - Research dive sites and plan group dive trips with your scuba buddies.
     - Review and conduct surveys that are answerd by scuba divers and dive professionals.

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