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Features of

Local scuba diving info

A page dedicated to your State with local diving info. View scuba events, photos, forum topics, members, dive clubs, dive site comments and articles all related to your local area. You no longer need to search multiple sources for local scuba diving information, it's all here.

The original Scuba Earth

Scuba Earth is a collection of dive sites, scuba divers, dive centers, dive clubs and scuba events all on one easy-to-use, interactive map. Simply specify an address or click anywhere on the map to retrieve all content within 100 mi / 160 km of the requested location.

Share your blog on DiveBuddy

If you write a blog that is mostly scuba related, use our Advanced Import feature to have your articles imported to your profile on DiveBuddy. This improves the number of people that read your blog while eliminating the need to duplicate your work. Write your article once on any blogging website (ie:, wordpress, etc.), and we’ll import it to DiveBuddy.

Log, print and share your dives

When you maintain your dive log on DiveBuddy, you are able to print logs, view dive activity graphs and access your information from any computer. Plus, your dive log comments can be posted automatically to the dive site you visited, which provides a valuable report of the site conditions to all members.

Member menu

When you are logged into DiveBuddy, you will see your member menu in the navigation bar along the top. From this menu, you can access all your content including photos, forum topics, articles, events, edit profile, etc. This menu will also indicate if you have new messages, buddy requests or club member requests.

Content specific options

Depending on the page your on, the Member Control Panel in the top right will list any available options including adding new content, editing existing content and more.

View all dive site photos in one place

In addition to viewing photos from a specific dive site profile, now you can view all dive site photos in one place. Find your next dive destination by viewing all member submitted dive site photos. From the photo, you can go directly to the dive site profile for more information.

Like couch surfing?

Divers tend to be social animals, so it makes sense that most of us probablly wouldn't mind sharing a couch or room with other divers. If you are open to providing a room or house to other DiveBuddy members that are visiting your area, edit the Accomodations option in Edit Profile. Use the Search page to find other members that are willing to provide accomodations.

List your scuba certifications

Keep a record of all your scuba certifications in one place. Track the certification organization, date, id number and instructor. If your scuba instructor is on DiveBuddy, you will have the option to automatically send them a buddy request when you add your certification.

Receive notification when nearby member joins

Want to know when a new member joins DiveBuddy that lives near you? From Edit Profile > Edit Account, you can select the option to receive a notification whenever a new member joins that lives near your location.

DiveBuddy Activity Number

A member's DiveBuddy Activity Number indicates how active they have been on our site. This number is available on every member's profile, next to their Joined On date...or in the Forum, under each member's photo. This number will increase every day a member logs in, contributes content, or refers new members to DiveBuddy.

Search dive sites by entry, depth and viz.

In addition to searching for dive sites by location, you can also search by entry type (ie: boat, shore), depth and average visibility. For example, find boat dives in Florida with a depth between 31-50ft and viz between 51-80ft. OR all shore dives within 100 miles of the zip code 90210.