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DiveBuddy is an online scuba community that begin in 1998. Tens of thousands of scuba divers use DiveBuddy for everything related to scuba diving, not just finding a new dive buddy. With educational scuba articles, in-depth forum discussions, amazing underwater photos, detailed dive sites and is a wonderful resource for every type of scuba diver. Here are a few ways that DiveBuddy can help your business grow.

Add Your Location to Scuba Earth
By joining DiveBuddy and adding a map location to your profile, your business is automatically added to Scuba Earth, an interactive world map of dive sites, scuba divers, events, dive clubs and your business.

Become a Featured Member
The professional members with the most dive buddies are listed on the most popular pros page. Refer your clients/students to DiveBuddy and build your buddy list.

Contribute Content
Every time you write an article, respond to a forum topic or upload a great scuba photo, your member profile is promoted. By contributing quality content to, you increase awareness of your product or service. Plus, all DiveBuddy content ends up on search engines like Google and Yahoo! so your reach isn't limited to the visitors of our site.

Promote Your Events
Another great way to promote your business is to add your upcoming events, training classes or dive trips to our Calendar. All events posted to the Calendar are viewable and searchable by all visitors to

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"GeoTargeting" is also available and very popular if you own a local business such as a dive shop. Specify the states, cities or zip codes that you want your ad displayed in. Our ad manager checks the location of each visitor and only shows ads for that area. Banner ads are displayed 10 times per visitor per day, which increases the ads longevity and number of total unique viewers. At your request, additional display restrictions can be applied, such as overall total impressions per user, or a day/time schedule to follow. (For example: Banner will be shown a total of 100 times (no more than 10 per day) to each visitor from Houston, TX between the hours of 8am and 5pm on Thursday's and Friday's only. Now that's a targeted ad!)

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