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Dive Light Replacement
MonkeyDiver - 1/15/2012 2:01 PM
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Category: Equipment
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Dive Light ReplacementI believe in sharing positive experiences when warranted, and I believe this qualifies. Last year I damaged my favorite dive light, a Princeton Tec Miniwave LED, in heavy surge working the kelp project at Shaw’s Cove. The case got slammed into a reef, and subsequently cracked and flooded. I had the light for a few years so I figured I got my monies worth, and was
prepared to toss it. However, I called Princeton Tec first, explained what happened, and they told me to send it in. It had a lifetime warranty regardless of the obvious abuse. I just received a brand new light yesterday. Thank You Princeton Tec. They are now on my favorite products list.


DeyeFinancialServices - 8/06/2012 9:30 PM
SaintsReturn - 1/18/2012 1:07 PM
I have had mine for about two years now and love it! you cant beat the bang for the buck with this light and its good to know they have great customer service like that!
Precious_Cargo_Diving - 1/17/2012 1:57 PM
Thanks for that information you have just solidified the light choices for our shop! Thanks for the share, we appreciate it!
RAWalker - 1/17/2012 7:00 PM
If you are looking to stock a alternative value line my second choice would be the Intova line of lights and even thei camera line is a great price/value point.
Precious_Cargo_Diving - 1/17/2012 7:12 PM
Isn’t the INTOVA line out of HI?
RAWalker - 1/17/2012 9:28 PM
Yes, I believe you are correct
RAWalker - 1/17/2012 12:08 AM
I have a couple of the Mini Wav Eled and have made use of the lifetime warranty a couple of times but overall the light does a great job and it’s well worth the price. When I’ve had to call they have been very responsive. The first light I got was missing a o-ring and they replaced it without a charge.

IMHO the light has 1 weak spot in it’s engineering and that is the lock/switch assembly. The plastic parts have been known to break and I have had 1 lock break and 1 switch toggle arm break. A call and a couple of repair kit were on there way (instead of sending the light) Again no charge. I saved them postage and labor to repair and they saved me the usual postage and handliing. I’m happy to do business with a company that is willing to work with their customers.
LatitudeAdjustment - 1/16/2012 6:07 AM
I love Princeton Tec, I had a light that had to be 20 years old stop working, it was a discontinued model so they sent me a new light.