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How Essential are Dive Computers: Would YOU Dive Without One?
Diver96 - 8/28/2014 4:00 PM
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How essential is a dive computer? When I became certified my instructor stated that all you need was a watch and that computer, “between your ears”. I still agree with this sentiment. I will also say that the deeper and more technical your dive, the more essential a dive computer can be. My computer is nice to have, […]


SKubaSteve - 9/06/2014 8:15 AM
If the choice was dive without a computer or not dive... I’ll pull out my tables and go. Having said that I put a dive computer very high on the list of important (no... not ’essential’) dive gear. The increased bottom time from the real time dive profile calculations, planning functions, ascent rate monitor as well as convenient time/depth are valuable to getting the most out of each dive. Even if you throw out temperature monitoring (I know if I’m cold), desaturation time (24 hours... done), dive logging (for those who log their dives two weeks after their dive trip) and computer integration (which is generally meh anyway) the increased dive time, planning functions and actual ascent rate are worth the price of a computer.
SKuba Steve