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Bonaire Dive Trip
MonkeyDiver - 4/20/2008 5:12 PM
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Bonaire Dive TripHi People,

I just got back yesterday from a dive trip to Bonaire with folks from South Coast Divers, and it was great. A good group to travel and dive with, and great diving. I wanted to send out some dive reports from there, but I couldn’t get Internet access so I will try to summarize everything here. The trip down was a bit cramped with a fully loaded plane, but the trip back had empty seats and plenty of room. The accommodations at Buddy Dive Resort were pretty good, although my roommate had a snoring problem when a few beers were consumed. Actually, I guess I had the problem, not him, but we worked that out. Anyway, we mostly did shore diving and traveled around the island via trucks and vans provided by the resort. The weather was great, the water was warm, and the marine life was stupendous. The only thing I would change would be to take a 5 mil wetsuit instead of the 3 mil I had (I’m a wimp), and to take boots with heavy duty treads. The water temperature was pretty consistent at about 79 F, but I expected it to be in the mid 80s, and heavier duty booties would have facilitated entries and exits at several sites where footing was an issue. Here are the summarized dive details for those interested, and this is one place I really want to make a return trip. Gotta go now to start editing my over 500 pictures.

Wait! Before I go I want to publicly thank Erika and Rick of SCD for organizing and managing this great trip package, and making sure we all came home safe and sound (except for my fire coral sores that is).


  1. Dives # 1-21
  2. Date: 4/12/08 - 4/17/08
  3. Location: Bonaire, NA at numerous sites
  4. Type of Dive: SCUBA from shore
  5. Purpose of Dive: Fun & Photo
  6. Weather Conditions: Partly cloudy to bright and sunny
  7. Surf: None to slight from wind waves
  8. Swell: None
  9. Surge: None
  10. Currents: None to slight
  11. Water Temperature at Surface: 80-81 F
  12. Temperature at Bottom: 79F
  13. Visibility: 50-100 feet, average 75 feet
  14. Depth: Range was 19-99 feet with an average of 69 feet
  15. Dive Duration: Total of 20 hours underwater with an average time of 1.2 hours/dive
  16. Buddies: Larry, Rick, Karen, Erika, Mark and Sharlen at various times
  17. Comments: Great dives, and you don’t even need a boat!
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