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Suuonto Waranty Service
MonkeyDiver - 4/28/2010 8:52 AM
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Category: Equipment
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Here is a response I made to another diver who also had a warranty problem with Suunto/AquaLung, and a recent survey of other divers indicates this seems to be a trend with them. They make a great product, but their warranty service sucks. Here is my response:

It is unfortunate that you had to experience this absolutely bad customer service from one of our main equipment suppliers. I have also had bad experiences with my Suunto D9 Computer when trying to get warranty service from Suunto/AquaLung. I had a battery changed by a Suunto authorized watch dealer who also did a pressure check. Subsequently there was a module failure unrelated to the battery change and the local Suunto/AquaLung service people denied to recognize the warranty because they didn’t do the battery change. Well, the wording of the warranty only suggests an authorized dealer change the battery, but does not make it mandatory to keep the warranty in effect. When that was mentioned to their service folks, they said they didn’t care because any flooding was no longer their responsibility. Pointing out the fact that no flooding occurred, and that the module failure was unrelated to the battery change, resulted in the same response. I went ahead and paid several hundred dollars for something that should have been covered by warranty because it was faster and cheaper than a law suit. I love my D9, but like you, I will never purchase another Suunto product. I also share this story and position with all my students.

Wayne Phillips


D_Vince - 2/11/2012 10:46 AM
i had a lot of problems with the straps on my Suunto D6 and D9, so many in fact that I built an adapter for the straps.
I broke 4 of the D6 straps before I finally got rid of it, then another three on the D9 (they take longer but still last a year and a half for me at most)
Even though Suunto warranties their strap for only a year, a failure can be sudden, and cause you the loss of the watch.

So after a year or so of manufacturing etc, I made "Tibby-Adapters" if you own a D6 or a D9, you need one of these sets.
Take a look.
sadfish - 4/30/2010 9:49 AM

Wish I saw this before I bought