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Kelp Usage
MonkeyDiver - 6/08/2010 12:10 AM
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Kelp UsageThe following is from a good friend and fellow giant kelp restoration diver Nancy Caruso. She is attempting to generate interest in using beached giant kelp for commercial applications in order to eliminate or minimize the kelp removal cost burden from the local communities while creating an opportunity for someone to make some money. Many non-divers and city authorities view washed up kelp as garbage that needs removal, and don’t see the benefit that healthy kelp forests have on the offshore marine environment. It is important to have support from the local communities for kelp restoration, and creating a win-win situation between those communities and commercial applications would enhance this effort. Anyway, here is her message:
I started getting phone calls today from the media regarding the 15 tons of giant kelp that was hauled away from Main beach in Laguna the other day. I was asked what I was going to do about it. Kelp does this when there are continuous south swells and also does it naturally, thereby creating a totally different ecosystem on the beaches which supports many more species. However, this is not conducive to beachgoing so I am going to try and put this out there to see if it comes back…
I am looking for someone who can use the kelp that washes up on the beaches.
It makes great potash, it can be used in concrete!
It also makes great biofuel! There are businesses in Chile using it to make fuel (it grows there too).
So, if you can use it or know anyone who can use it, this is an opportunity to make some $$$ and create a wonderfully sustainable situation.
This is a real issue that we as a community can solve! Pretty cool. Please feel free to contact me or the city manager of Laguna Beach 949-497-0308 with ideas or concerns
PS if you would like some more info about “kelp wrack” (kelp washed up on the beach and why its important), here is a cool video.

Nancy Caruso
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