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Celebrity Siting
TexasDiver - 6/01/2009 6:51 PM
Category: General
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My wife and I went diving yesterday, at a local mud hole (Blue Lagoon ) and to our surprise we were graced with the presence of a celebrity. Though we never approached him, ( never invade ones space ), just being in the next pavillion was enough. I was wondering if this qualifies us as diving with him?What stories we could tell. Who was this person you ask ? None other than’s #1 Greg(he is a celeb just ask him ;-).. ), Who knows maybe next time we can get a picture with him
Greg - 6/01/2009 8:32 PM
What’s up man! You should have come on over :) I was conducting a refresher course for a big group of boyscouts.

And thanks for making me feel like a celebrity, although I’m not sure Entertainment Weekly would agree with you ;)


badintexas - 6/01/2009 8:35 PM
What a great forum! I love it. My husband the celebrity! Thanks for writing about this!
ArchimedesPrinciple - 6/03/2009 1:08 PM


How dast you call Cozumel of the Pines a local mud hole. The Blue Lagoon in its pristine setting with good vis is the premier spot in Huntsville Texas.
Greg - 6/03/2009 8:01 PM
I may be there again. If so, I’m usually there on Saturday around 2:30 until about 6pm. Then again on Sunday from about 11am until about 4pm. Just ask the front if I’m there (Greg Davis), and ask where I’m at.