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Cressi Archimede II or Sherwood CR3705
lgriffinwscc - 9/25/2009 11:23 PM
Category: Equipment
Replies: 3

I’m looking at getting my first dive computer and have narrowed down my decision to either the Cressi-Sub Archimede II 3 Gauge Console or the Sherwood CR3705 InSight 3 Gauge Console. Which would be a better computer and why? I’ve found them very close to price, within 5 dollars so price isn’t going to be a factor.
ncdiveinstructor - 9/26/2009 11:49 AM

I sell the Sherwood Insite. It’s a great computer but make sure you get the new model that has the silver buttons (this newer model has some upgraded features the old one doesn’t)

Dive safe
scubaclay - 9/27/2009 12:51 PM

I sell and use both computers, they are equal in price and in useability. I use them as wrist cimputers, so I’m not sure about the gague consoles. Both are reliable, and easy to use. Now comes the hard pard, making your decision.

RonSubmerged - 10/01/2009 9:38 AM
I have the Archimedes II and I love it. For the price you can’t beat it. The one I use is the wrist computer, it works out well and saves me the trouble of reaching for my gauges all the time.
Good luck in choosing.. I have been on a Cressi kick lately and my instructor uses the Arch II so it was a no-brainer!