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Completely theoretical: How would one dive under a hurricane?
Anonymous - 8/26/2018 9:14 AM
Category: Anonymous
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Note: Please skip the warnings. This is a scientific question, I will not be attempting this EVER and I would encourage ALL divers to never try this, no matter the skill. With that being said, I am just curious as to IF this has been attempted or how someone would even try.

I know that some divers may have probably had to dive around hurricane weather but I was just curious as to whether anyone has ever been ambitious/crazy enough to dive while a hurricane passes directly overhead (trying to align themself with the eye). Of course, the idea is insane but, theoretically, I was wondering if it would even be possible? I understand that hurricanes shift the thermocline, swell height and currents can change with the snap of a finger, fish retreat to deeper waters, and plenty more factors are involved but if a diver could "anchor" themselves to a safe depth or find some safe shelter and have enough physical barrier protection, what would said diver need to stay down? How deep would one need to be? What extra gear would one require for safety against all of the factors that could come into play? I guess one of the biggest factors would be making a dive with an unknown time limit and the unexpected that could happen but I would love to hear from the diving community on this.
Anonymous - 8/26/2018 11:21 AM
With bad surf, big swells vis would suck so why?

It would need to be a shore entry unless your diveboat was sinking and to escape the surface you dive to sit out the storm and then swim to shore. Hope you have enough air to outlast the storm and not to deep to have DCS issues.
Anonymous - 3/01/2020 9:21 PM
Nearly instantaneous depth changes of up to 100’ above you.

You ears will be blown out.