Texas SCUBA Diver plate moving forward
TXDivePlates - 9/08/2020 2:24 PM
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We have a final plate design and a next step! Thanks to everyone who completed the surveys. The results have been tabulated and we’re very pleased to announce that the design that rose to the top can be seen at the link mentioned below. We think it’s a beauty! To keep the plate moving forward in the approval process, we now need to get 400 people to complete the registered interest page at: myplates.com/register/txdiver
There is no commitment associated with completing the form and no payment information is collected. This just says, "yes, I might want to buy this plate when it is approved for release." Please help by a) completing the form and b) sharing and or reposting this info so as many Texas divers as possible can see it.
TXDivePlates - 2/09/2021 9:49 PM
The Texas SCUBA Diver plates have been approved by TxDMV and are now available for pre-order. To get these beauties into production and on your vehicle, we just need to secure 200 pre-orders. (In the unlikely event that the 200 pre-order threshold is not reached, you’ll get a full refund on any payments).

You can pre-order your plates here: myplates.com/design/background/passenger/texas-diver

For details on what the Personalized / Background Only options mean, please see Option #7 of the My Plates FAQ: myplates.com/faqs

We’ve waited a long time for this moment. The sooner we get to 200 pre-sales, the sooner the diver plate will be on the road. Place your order today & then spread the word!