RAWalker - 2/08/2016 2:41 AM
I think calling it "Usually Deceptive" gives the wrong idea.
It is common in many industries to have a break down of cost such as in ours.
I commonly see break downs as follows:
1) Class materials & certification fees
2) Class, Pool w/rental fees
3) Check out dive w/rental fees

This allows for variations in costs for regular classes vs private or semi private class and/or check out dives.

Most sport have equipment requirements and some are more expensive than others. Just as in learning many other sports an investment in equipment may be required. This is a separate issue from the class. Personal gear (mask snorkel & fins) are not included This may be borrowed from friends (not rented) or purchased but must be suitable for SCUBA use.

Think of it:
Golf - Clubs, balls
Tennis - Racket, balls
Baseball - Glove, bat, balls
Football - Helmet, pads, ball
Many divers start as snorkelers and may have suitable equipment ( I know I did )