UnderwaterMartini - 3/31/2017 10:10 AM
I was givin a sheet of paper that outlined all of the costs during my "discover scuba" ($30) class. Nothing hidden.

We actually completed a bit of the dive training during the discover class. Mask clearing, reg clearing and switching, 200yd swim to put our rigs on in the water.

The big problem is most of my area dive shops are very, very cryptic about when the classes take place, how many there are, etc. etc. They list extra classes, as they train multiple classes at the same time. So it seems like you have to spend 4 times more time in training than actual. I all makes sense when I called them, but the website was a mess.

Should just call 4 days of classroom: "OW day1", "OW day2", "Intro to tech day 1", etc. That way a newb on your website can see that there are 4 "day1’s" on the calendar, then he knows it’s just the same class for other groups of students, not another one he needs to take.