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Best tanks for side mounting?
MDW - 2/07/2015 12:11 PM
Category: Survey
Replies: 9

I’d like some opinions on what tanks you prefer for side mount diving. Please feel free to provide comments on why you selected the answer you did.

Also, look for a similar survey for back mounting.
MDW - 1/04/2019 5:00 PM
[Choose #3] I use the 72s because I have them and they were cheap. They ride pretty well and are big enough for casual sidemount diving. Some day I may upgrade to LP85s. Update: In 2017 I did get some 85s and they are great!
Diving_Granpa - 2/27/2018 4:13 AM
[Choose #4] Worst tanks I’ve used are Catalinas
Anonymous - 5/08/2015 6:36 AM
[Choose #2] I use 2 Alum 40’s love this setup.
caves4me - 2/08/2015 6:46 PM
[Choose #4] I’ve found LP Faber 85’s to be the best all round sidemount cylinders.
Anonymous - 2/08/2015 12:11 PM
[Choose #5] LP85, HP 100, 54s
tstormdiver - 2/08/2015 8:39 AM
[Choose #4] Mine are actually Worthington LP85’s