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Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species
ScoobahJim - 7/09/2018 5:50 PM
Category: Training
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My name is Jim Wooton, and I am a scuba diver, and an Aquatic Invasive Species Detector in Minnesota. I see a lot of programs and groups related to conservation of oceans and the wildlife within them and that makes me happy! The problem is, I don’t live near an ocean anymore. I live in Minnesota. What I have now is Lakes, Rivers, and Streams and they appear to be in trouble.

If you’re a Minnesotan, and care about your waters or just nearby and would like to take part, there will be an event held to help educate the public on how to Identify and report Aquatic Invasive Species, in Minnesota (and surrounding areas) lakes, rivers, and streams.

As an AIS Detector and a volunteer member of Minnesota Citizen Scientist’s, I will be manning one of the rendezvous sites during the event and I’d love to meet you all and discuss our the future of our lakes rivers and streams.

Here is a link to the facebook event page.. (I hope its ok to post this link here. If not I do apologize)

Please join all of us and show your support for our waters, and the wild life within them,


Eric_R - 7/09/2018 7:24 PM
The great lakes and many of my local lakes have plenty of invasive species. There’s so many different ones and they’re putting spins on our aquatic environment that is trying to find a balance. It’s tough to say what these waters will look like in another 10 years. When Asian carp get here things will really go crazy! Good luck with your work and educational programs.
ScoobahJim - 7/09/2018 8:03 PM
I hear that! Right now there are several invasive carp in the lakes area here. Problem is.. Noone reports them. they just throw them on the shore to die and rot. This breaks my heart.
ScoobahJim - 7/19/2018 2:41 PM
Sadly the mussel has moved to many of the lakes throughout Minnesota. the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species research center is constantly looking for ways to handle the infestations. Hopefully we can find a safe way to handle it
SanctumDive - 7/06/2019 5:22 AM
Continue reading below to find out what Aquatic Invasive Species are of special concern in Minnesota including
Abel - 11/07/2019 5:34 AM
hi, my name is steven, a started diving again after a long time gone. i started using a surface supplied air system hookah. lately i have been, talking to the dnr to see what the is relating to evasive specie issues we have in minnesota. so you like to get together and discuss, this issue, call me at 612-594-1865.