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Cavern Training "Upping your Game"
Pdillard - 11/18/2018 12:49 PM
Category: Training
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I recently I took a Cavern class. through PADI, Iam also very familiar with IANTD. I also check some of the other agencies. I have also heard the disparaging remarks one agency might say about another. The agencies I looked at all have really good programs Some might say well its the standards they adhere to. When it comes to cavern diving in PADI I used the same equipment configuration as IANTD. PADI used the NSSCS manual, course and even used the long hose and I went with a DIN valve and a technical type backplate and harness. You could probably get away with and OW BC.
What I found about the different courses is its all about the instructor. Do your research find a instructor who teaches and trains. Stay away from instructors who test and marks check boxes. And don’t have allot of patience. Watch out for instructors that give you the feeling its all about them. Having said that be prepared. The training facility will most likely tell you what specialized gear will need. I suggest being very familiar with your new gear before class. Also make sure your basic skills are very good especially buoyancy. Buoyancy when it comes to cavern/cave diving cannot be over stated. Practice frog kicks and flutter kicks and helicopter spins. These are all imperative when it comes to cavern diving. They don’t teach these kicks in OW courses, and maybe they should. The half of the frog kick is a rest cycle. If your a little hesitant over air sharing you may want to get over that Because you practice it for real every time you dive. you also pull your mask off.
If you get the opportunity to take a technical dive class like cavern diving I strongly recommend it. It will up your game and probably change the way you approach diving forever. Remember this is an advance course be prepared. Good Luck and remember take only pictures and leave only bubbles. As a cavern diver you a responsibility to help protect the environment very few people ever see. Good Luck!