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Question about instructor training and which agency to go with...
Taoboarder - 9/17/2019 2:16 PM
Category: Training
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I’m looking into becoming a dive instructor and I was wondering if anyone would share some information with me.

I’m currently SSI, but there’s only the one SSI shop in my area. From what I undertand, with SSI you have to teach through the shop, but with PADI you can be an independent instructor. I don’t have much info on NAUI, but would like to know more.

In the event the SSI shop wasn’t there anymore, I wouldn’t be able to teach if I was SSI certified, by my understanding, which makes me tend to lean towards one of the other agencies (don’t get me wrong, I love SSI, but that’s a big drawback to me).

Generally similar cost from beginning to instructor?
Does instructor insurance cost change depending upon the agency?
Are there any other major differences I should consider that I might be currently unaware of?
It will be a while before I start any course, but I’m just trying to chart the best course for myself.
Thanks for any info,