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Broke as F&^%
binobanana - 11/18/2019 8:15 PM
Category: Training
Replies: 4

Friend of mine, I am trying to get him diving he makes $12 an hour, super nice kid (25)
But always broke! So must be close to Hollywood, and maybe takes payments as he goes!
???? Possible, let me know!!!!
binobanana - 11/20/2019 7:03 PM
evilcorvette - 11/22/2019 8:22 PM
This isn’t a cheap sport. His biggest stumble will be getting the cash for his initial certification. IF hes a mature kid, have him pay with a credit card and take some time to pay it off. (This was how I afforded LUXURY items as a kid. Id put it on a credit card and had a plan to pay it off in 6 months to a year. EVEN if I lost my job. There was always a plan to pay off my debt. )

After that, he can borrow and rent gear. Thats cheap enough.

Sadly, this is one of those hobbies that doesn’t lend itself well to ’budget’ operations. Make sure he’s REALLY into this before he starts spending money.
ELLOCODIABLO - 11/26/2019 11:29 AM
Tell him to start collecting gear now and take his class after he has what he needs. We collected for almost a year before we took ours. Not all gear has to be new(none of mine was) tanks ,fins,knives,masks,weights,ect all work used and are usually much cheaper.