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Underwater positioning and underwater communication - Ocean Plan
Rachel_Su_XY - 7/10/2023 10:57 AM
Category: Equipment
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Dear all diver friends,

We’d like to share with you a portable wearable Diver Positioning and Diver Tracking System that designed for dive safety, diver interaction and dive efficiency by Ocean Plan,for more info, please visit

This Underwater Communication and Navigation System was created by underwater acoustic science and technology, depending on actual needs to underwater wireless networking, like network between underwater and surface or underwater independent network without signal support from surface, so as to realize below major functions,

#Underwater positioning
#Underwater navigation
#Underwater communication
#SOS alert
#Abnormal state warning

The system allow divers to divers or divers to boat keep interconnection and communication in realtime. Under the system data update and guidance, stay to know where they are all the time. it’s easy to track and position the specific diver, boat or interest of points when underwater.

Core features:
Depth Limit : 200m
Underwater positioning and communication range : 400m / 1500m
Dive navigation computer weight: 445g for Pro, 385g for M
Deployment and operation: Rapid and easy
Carry methods: Wearable/ hand-held/mount to DPV-ROV etc
Underwater messages: 30 messages

Public safety diving like SWAT police, fireman
Scientific diving like underwater archaeologist
Cave diving like cave explorer
Technical diving and salvage diving etc

Please feel free to reach to for any discussion Underwater positioning and underwater communication
Eric_R - 7/10/2023 3:21 PM
Do DB members get a discount?