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Raimond from Ft. Hood TX | Scuba Diver

I was certified on June 22, 2003. And I LOVE to dive. It`s so relaxing. I took a trip to Cozumel, Mexico this past summer. It was awesome. The visibility was about 100+ ft. I`m lookin forward to getting my Advanced this summer. / Change font for basic text / table, tr, td, p {font-family:Trebuchet MS; color:ffffff; font-size:12px;} / Add hover blur to linked images / a:hover img {filter: blur(add=true, direction=30, strength=6); background-color:203270;} / Change rollover color for hyperlinks / a:hover{color:f1f1f1;} / Add background image and change look of scroll bar / body { background-color:000000; background-image:url(``); background-attachment: fixed; background-position:center center; background-repeat:no-repeat; border-color:FCD2FC; border-width:0px ; border-style: solid; scrollbar-face-color:80ABD3; scrollbar-highlight-color:ffffff; scrollbar-3dlight-color:80ABD3; scrollbar-shadow-color:3669a2; scrollbar-darkshadow-color:3669a2; scrollbar-arrow-color:ffffff; scrollbar-track-color:010318; } / Remove table background color and borders / table td {border: 0px; background-color:transparent;}


hardhat06 - 5/19/2009 12:53 PM
If you are ever up this way NH, let me know and we can "go out and play as my wife says".
hardhat06 - 5/18/2009 11:50 AM

Thats correct. I have been out for the past 23 years, but still keep up on my skills, shooting, diving, jumping, and field craft. It helps when you own 11 acers of woods.
hardhat06 - 5/17/2009 7:29 PM
We have more in common than you think. My prinary MOS was 8541 Scout Sniper.
Saturn5 - 3/04/2009 9:48 AM

You can definitely reach out and touch someone with that. Korea, ay? So you with 2ID or...? Said you were looking do to your advanced this summer... You back in US or still in Korea?

Anyway, just yacking and sending out a shout hi. I’m looking forward to getting wet this season as well.
ccasale - 4/28/2008 11:07 AM
Hey Stranger! Hope basic is going good and they aren’t kickin your butt!! lol!! good luck and be safe!