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John from Aberdeen Maryland | Scuba Diver

While in Europe, I wanted to dive the Red Sea, but the Arab spring happened. Back in the States and looking to get underwater again.


jimran - 8/02/2010 4:42 PM
will do my friend
brandonlonge - 5/05/2009 7:16 AM
Thank you very much John. Its always my pleasure the military is a huge passion in my life. SO thank you very much..
soldierndiver - 5/01/2009 2:27 PM
Thank you. No thanks are necessary through i chose my path and have been serving proudly for 10 years. But thank you anyways. It is alway great to hear it.

yukacaver - 1/18/2009 7:23 AM

Thank you for the comment.

Cenote diving is the best around.

Take care
Ator - 11/14/2008 6:34 AM
Thank you so much, John. I hope this year goes well for the unit and for Iraq (not going to Afghanistan like I originally though)
VaDiver95 - 5/12/2008 4:06 PM

Thanks...I appreciate it. I hope to make it up to Jersy soon; I really want to hit the San Diego and explore.

Scout - 1/07/2008 8:39 AM
JOhn - I`ll be blogging up a report on the Dominican Republic today. Generally, the Bavaro Beach area was a low-viz dead reef, but Catalina Island was superb.

My resolutions for 2008 are to log 48 hours, complete the Rescue and Nitrox courses, do the Blackbeard wreck (, and visit Old Providence Island.

I also want to spend more time off the Jersey shore, and particularly want to visit the Stolt Dagali. Lakeland in East Hanover is my home base.

Best regards -

Tim Cutler

Morristown, NJ
Scout - 1/04/2008 7:24 AM
John - This event was organized by TColJeep. I just took the picture. I got my 2008 season pass for Dutch Springs, so I`ll be there often. Just a 70 minute drive from Morristown, so I can do mid-week afternoon dives, too. Just got back from the Dominican Republic, and I`ll be posting a blog about the situation there. I`ve also been studying the Old Providence situation, and there`s much more to this island than you might suspect. I`d be complimented to be added to your buddy list, and I`ll look forward to hearing from you again. Best regards - Tim Cutler - Morristown, NJ
tstormdiver - 12/28/2007 1:46 AM
Yes, stay shallow or even hang out in a pool for the first time or 2. Actually AL80`s won`t be too bad as they are only slightly Neg. buoyant wen full & pos. when empty. My tanks are LP 85`s which are neg. even when empty & really neg when full. I didn`t take that into consideration on my first dive.
teamfugitive - 12/15/2007 1:13 PM
Gladd to be of service