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Alex from Parsippany NJ | Scuba Diver

I dive NY/NJ, southeast FL, Key West & Key Largo, Great Lakes and NC. Would like to dive more, especially Caribbean!


Babs - 7/25/2008 2:06 PM
Look forward to our NC Wreck Fest 2008 in Oct, it was a blast last year
Spanky70 - 4/06/2008 10:46 AM
Doug is coming to the bar to hang out with me are you coming ....
Spanky70 - 1/11/2008 9:17 AM
well you are almost an old man but I still love you ... So end of Feb I get my dry suit .. sounds like a road trip for us, you think..
theop - 1/09/2008 9:11 AM
i am always ready for a road trip and will never miss an apportunity to make some bubbles : ) - I will be there !
Spanky70 - 11/25/2007 6:11 PM
Oh Alex .. you know I love you... Pick a day, have to go get a drink or come up here on a wing night with Doug. Tell the Gina I said hello .. Dax misses his boyfriend Champ.
badintexas - 11/25/2007 10:42 AM
New Jersey, huh? We used to live in Hoboken and it was so very different than here in Texas. I loved it! And we went to Dutch Springs several times, I loved it too! That`s wonderful about Ryan. Tell him that he`s a bigger person that this 31 year old! I`m a big baby. Actually, I have NO interest. (and I`m a big baby) Maybe Kyle will see his big brother enjoying it so much and eventually want to `test the waters`. Our kiddo`s who are 11, 9 and 5 CANNOT WAIT to be diving like daddy. I`m super excited that they don`t have my lack of outgoingness and my shyness. They`ll all be in the water as soon as possible! Take care!
Spanky70 - 11/21/2007 12:59 PM
Santa is getting me FLX 50/50 from DUI. I picked out my colors and pockets I want on it. So maybe I will have it before New Years if I do we can do the New Years Eve Dive....