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Charles from Garden City KS | Scuba Diver

UPDATE: 14 APR 2017...I retired from the Army on 21 JAN 2017 after 21 years of service. I am living in SouthWest Kansas and look forward to traveling to dive again in the future.


Hi, I`m Charlie. I am looking for Dive Buddies of all certification levels for diving adventures.

I dive all weather and water temps. I enjoy diving, year round (visibility is optional, "dive by brail"). My schedule sucks with the Army; however, I have all my own gear and plenty of exposure protection for all weather diving. Keep me in mind when you need a buddy on Oahu.

WHERE I DIVE / HAVE DOVE: Recently back to the US (January 2014) I`ve been diving the United Arab Emirates (shore and boats) and (I will admit I did the tourist thing at the Dubai Mall), Oahu {all over boat and Shore Diving} (Hawaii), Kona {Garden Eel Cove}, (HI) Lake Travis (Texas), Athens Scuba Park (TX), the Comal River (TX), Balmorhea (TX), Cozumel, the Gulf of Mexico off of South Padre Island, Key Largo (Florida), Morgan’s Point (TX), Mammoth Scuba Park (TX), Still House Resevoir (TX), .


(as of 16 JAN 14) I am in El Paso, TX

(as of 01 JAN 13) I am in Dubai.

(as of 01 JUL 12) I am done Instructing again...moving soon.

(as of 01 OCT 10) I am instructing again.

(as of 14 DEC 09) I will be on the Island of Oahu.

(as of 02 AUG 09) I participated in the PADI Instructor Exam and passed. My wife and I completed the IDC and IE together and now teach together.

(as of 01 MAY 09) We are still going to dive Cozumel in August (pending a travel ban)...we aren’t scared of no piggy flu. ;)

(as of 13 JAN 09) I am back on my deployment...still hoping to be home in time to dive this Summer and become an instructor before my next deployment. :)

(as of 01 OCT 08) If you have a chance pick up the book "Drowning in the Desert" by Vivian Gembara (I’m mentioned in it),

(as of 01 JUL 08): I won’t be diving for 12-15 months on a vacation visiting sites seen by ancient emperors like Alexander the Great. God bless and keep blowing bubbles.


KANEDIVE - 10/19/2013 4:01 PM
Dubai? I actually have a FB Dive Friend from there.
csemenko - 10/20/2013 8:16 AM
An Roger. Been here for about 10months and I’ve been so busy the most diving I have done was the "Tourist Dive in the Dubai Mall."
TYM4XTC - 3/24/2011 2:17 AM
the buda is koko crater on oahu..
think some places changed the name i havnt been diving in a year or so :(
2 nice intro dives koko creator and turtle canyon near hawaii kai
nauidiver - 8/02/2010 9:02 PM
muddog357 - 7/31/2009 3:13 PM
Happy Happy B DAY
ScubaCoop - 7/05/2009 11:45 AM
Hey Chuck,
Have you been diving yet? I am at Ft Lewis, cold cold water...mid 50’s all year...but great diving from what I hear. I hope to get Dry Suit Qual this Aug.
Ft Lewis MWR has a dive shop here...been told prices cannot be beat. I’m going to do the dry suit dive in AUG...same company you went with for $5.
Hope you are well...
Willie - 6/23/2009 7:30 AM


That is great, you should check out sand dollar sports scuba dive shop in the Wyndham hotel, That is were Willie and I will be.

We hope to meet, Willie received and email from you so I am sure he will answer you shortly.

Have a great day.

cptstowpdm - 5/18/2009 1:59 AM
I was on leave from another deployment in Iraq. It was taken in 2006 at the Sunset House in Grand Cayman, it was a shore dive.
Greg - 4/28/2009 9:05 AM
That’s an awesome idea to bring your Garmin. You will get some valuable info to add to our dive site section...thank you! Enjoy and dive safely. BTW, who are you diving with while you’re there?


Greg - 4/27/2009 12:29 PM
Thanks for helping with the dive site section...just saw the pics you added to paradise reef in Mexico...great stuff.
BiancaC - 4/14/2009 8:06 AM

Hello Charlie,

Galapagos certainly is a place one must see. It was always on my list and after I went the first time, I have to do it again! There are only a few boats that have a license to visit Wolf and Darwin where all the action is. Aggressor, Peter Hughes, Explorer and Deep Blue (does only group charter). The price tag is high and getting more expensive every year, but it’s worth it. You are looking at around 6000,- US$ total per person for a weeks trip. Due to the fact that I have my own dive shop and some world class diving on my door step, it’s probably not that easy to get me exited, but Galapagos did. The "summer month" have the colder water and poorer vis, but you have almost guaranteed whalesharks. I prefer the "winter month" where the water is warmer, clearer and calmer. If you’re lucky, you still see a whaleshark- had one on our January trip. Don’t hesitate if you have any more questions.

Keep up the good service, best regards,