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Bobbie  from Benson NC | Scuba Diver


I am new to the diving world, but have always enjoyed being in and around the water. I look forward to a lifelong love of diving, and can not wait to get back in the water. I have a wonderful dive buddy here in my home state, so if you are in NC look us up at Seaduction Dive Services of Dunn, NC, and we will look you up when we come to visit. I look forward to hearing from fellow divers, and can’t wait to dive with ya’ll. As many of you have seen I have been a busy girl in the diving world, but I wouldn’t give up one second of it. I’ve added more certifications, and continue to add more monthly or weekly right now. My goal dive is 212ft., so I have alot of work to do before I see the USS Oriskany in all it’s glory. Diving has become an obsession for me and I can’t see giving it up for long. (may suffer DT’s) I dive whenever I can, and that adds up to about one to two weekends a month. I would love to dive more than that but the "real life" gets in the way. I am pushing to get my Master Diver & Dive-Con certification with SEAduction. Anyhow, love hearing from all of you, and as always see you on the bottom.

If you want to know more about me check out my space page at


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Happy Birthday!!! Be safe on your diving............
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