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Dive Computer Settings
PhuketDiving - 8/23/2022 6:35 AM
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Dive Computer Settings

Get Your Dive Computer Settings Right!

Getting your dive computer settings right may sound obvious but on a few occasions we’ve had to stop guests from diving. We really, really don’t like to do this but if during or after a dive your dive computer goes into error mode then we have no choice. It’s simply not safe.

On most of the rare occasions that this has happened, it’s a simple matter of guests having their dive computer set up incorrectly. We often get asked by guests to help set up the computer. There’s so many different brands and models available that we simply can’t know them all.
Switch To Tables?

Sounds a good idea? but some models will completely block out access to any menus so you can’t retrieve your data from your dive. Using your buddies or your guides computer data is not practical. You simply can’t guarantee that your profiles will be exactly the same. You may have gone a little deeper which can significantly affect your safe dive time.
Rental Computers

If you’re taking a PADI diving course with us, we supply Suunto Zoop or Aqualung i300. Our instructors know how to set up these computers so there won’t be a problem. The same goes if you’re a certified diver and hiring a dive computer from us. That being said, along with mask and fins a dive computer should be one of your first equipment purchases.
suunto zoop novo is a popular entry level dive computer

Read The Instructions!

Simple as that, every computer will come with an instruction manual to make sure you get your settings correct. Even if you’ve purchased your computer second hand you will find the instruction manual freely available online. If you need a little help with that, we’ve put links to some of the more popular computers below. The links will take you directly to the manufacturers page.

Zoop Novo
Vyper Novo
Mark 2S
Michaelangelo (same as above)
Alladin A1
Alladin A2

We know there’s many more brands and options but we can’t list them all. These are the computers we see the most and available to purchase from us.

If you want us to reserve any of the models above. Contact us and get a 10% discount on retail prices

Contact Us To Reserve a Dive Computer

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