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Cressi A1 No Fog Diving Mask
PhuketDiving - 2/10/2023 5:49 AM
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The No Fog Diving Mask That Actually Works

There’s nothing worse in diving than a foggy mask, well maybe running out of air, triggerfish, getting stung, putting on a cold wet wetsuit, DCS etc. After all we go diving to look at and explore the incredibly beautiful underwater world. Not many masks come out of the box completely fog free but the Cressi A1 does. You don’t have to treat the mask at all. If you do, you may well damage the coating.

Not only is it a no fog diving mask but it’s incredibly comfortable, stylish and very well priced. It comes in many colour options for the frame and the yellow lens option really make the colours pop underwater.

We’ve had quite a few guests and students purchase the masks. Straight out of the box and straight into the pool or ocean and so far 100% no fog.
What Causes Fogging?

In simple terms as possible and relative to scuba diving; hot air from your breath hits the cooler surface of your mask lens resulting in minute water droplets forming. No matter where you dive, the mask lens will always be cooler than your breath. That’s why we have to defog our masks.
What’s The Secret Sauce?

A no fog diving mask has been a long time coming. The technology was developed way back in 1966 by NASA to prevent astronauts visors from fogging. So yeah a very, very long time coming. There are films you can put into other masks to prevent fogging but this will eventually peel off, tricky to attach and is an extra cost. So how have Cressi achieved the no fogging? The film is attached during the manufacturing process, it’s chemically bonded onto the glass so it doesn’t come off.

The coating prevents or at least slows down the formation of the previously mentioned water droplets. You may occasionally get some fogging but swirl around a little water in your mask and you should be good to go again.

We sell the masks along with many other high quality Cressi products at our Patong sales office and at our main dive centre in Rawai. If you’re diving or learning how to dive with us, you’ll get a 10% discount.

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