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Bryan from Longview TX | Instructor

I have been SCUBA diving for over 20 years now and it’s something I’m very passionate about. To me, there are very few feelings that compare to putting on the gear, taking the plunge, and exploring what the underwater world has to offer. I have spent my career as a diver working my way from Open Water Diver to Master Scuba Diver. Afterwards, I decided to go for the gold and complete the Dive Master Program and Instructor program. Being on the instructional side of diving is a new and exciting experience for me. I really enjoy being able to share my enthusiasm about diving with new individuals, while providing them with proper education and training. It’s very rewarding to be able to introduce people to a side of nature, most people never get to see or experience.

On the side, I am an NREMT and state certified through Texas. I am also an ordained minister as well as a notary. I hold an ASE master technician certification as well as countless others. I consider myself a jack of all trades. My biggest issue is I love to learn new things. I feel this is why I love diving and dive training so much. Completing my most recent tally... I have over 3500+ dives to date. If you want to dive or have questions, hit me up! I love to help people out


Badlander316 - 5/12/2017 9:51 PM
Hey divers... Buoyant Life Scuba Diving and East Texas Scuba Divers will be heading to Broken Bow Ok on May 21st to have a little R&R. This will also be a Project aware DAD dive trip... but will mainly be a chance for divers to get out and start the season off.

We hope to see you there!!!
Badlander316 - 9/29/2016 12:26 AM
I made a 80% on the following quiz:
Divemaster Physics Quiz
Badlander316 - 9/27/2016 4:45 PM
So being an EMT, I live by the philosophy that if you don’t write it down, it didn’t happen. That being said, I currently have 995 dives logged so I will be logging my 1000th dive this weekend at Athens Scuba Park with the help of my DMs and a few students. If youre in the area, come by for a vist!
Badlander316 - 7/20/2016 4:14 PM
Been hitting Athens Scuba Park a lot lately, and will be there again this weekend for anyone who wants to join. Ill have a class of 5 OW divers but will have time to play outside of their dives.

Valhalla missile silo will be in August as well, so if anyone is interested... PM me!

Keep diving my friends!!!!
Badlander316 - 6/12/2016 5:54 AM
My wife and I will be hitting Spring Lake in San Marcos on June 25/26 for their orientation dive. We might hit a spot or two while we are there so if anyone is interested... let me know.
Badlander316 - 6/01/2016 6:05 PM
I made a 100% on the following quiz:
Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx) Scuba Quiz
Badlander316 - 4/04/2016 2:44 PM
Hey everyone!!! Been a ghost lately but I’m still here... Working on some personal projects as well as running our Scuba Training Business here in East Texas! Here are some updates:

April 9/10 Buoyant Life Scuba Diving will be at Athens Scuba Park for some Open Water Dives and trip preparation.

April 15-17 East Texas Scuba Divers and Buoyant Life Scuba Diving will join International Scuba for a trip to the Flower Gardens in the Gulf.

April 23-30 I will be attending an IDC so I can complete my IDC Staff Instructor Certification as well as my Nitrox Blender Course

Fast Forward to August 12-14, we are planning our Sponsored trip to Vahalla Missile Silo in Abilene Tx

September 10-15 we are taking a Cruise on the Carnival Liberty and will make some Dives in Cozumel while we are there.

Plenty more trips and excursions planned... so keep some dates available and join us! I will be posting invites as they become available, so come dive with us!!!

Look up our pages on face book... East Texas Scuba Divers & Buoyant Life Scuba Diving.
RachelRealtor4U - 5/11/2016 10:01 AM
Come to South Florida dive with me
Badlander316 - 9/28/2016 8:41 PM
If im down that way, Ill sure do it!
Badlander316 - 12/09/2015 5:49 PM
Hey group... just wanted to let everyone know we will be at Lake Hawkins (in Hawkins Tx) this Saturday the 12th for some training. If anyone wants to come out and check out the site... let me know. Last week the viz was poor... but it still offers a great place to get some training if youre in the market. Water temp was 62 degrees. Hope to see you there!
Badlander316 - 9/02/2015 2:59 PM
So... me and the Buoyant Life Scuba Diving gang will be at Clear Springs Scuba Park this Saturday from about 10AM until 5PM. Come out and visit us and lets get together and make some bubbles!!!
BillParker - 9/04/2015 5:32 AM
It should be great conditions there this time of year. The water will be as warm as it gets. Have fun.
Badlander316 - 7/21/2015 3:51 PM
Plan on completing 3 students open water class and 2 students rescue class this weekend at Lake Pirkie (Brandy Branch Res.) Its going to be a great weekend!!!