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Matthew from Murfreesboro TN | Scuba Diver



mapiatko - 9/16/2015 3:33 PM
Anyone up for Penny Royal this Saturday morning (9.19.15)?
tstormdiver - 9/17/2015 6:12 PM
My dive shop is having their year end picnic. Expecting 50- 60 people to attend at every level.
mapiatko - 9/18/2015 8:19 PM
Thanks for the heads up. I will work on some of my divemaster stuff since it sounds like it’s going to be pretty crowded up there.
mapiatko - 8/26/2015 8:50 AM
Anyone up for Diving this Saturday morning/early afternoon at Pennyroyal?
tstormdiver - 8/27/2015 3:52 AM
Wish I could, have to work day shiftthis weekend. I will be down teaching the next 3 weekends afterwards & usually have time for a dive or 2 afterwards.
mapiatko - 8/27/2015 11:11 AM
I am going to PCB to get some diving in for labor day, but I will touch base when I get back...Maybe we can link up on one of the weeks.
tstormdiver - 8/27/2015 7:01 PM
Sounds like a plan. After my OW classes, a buddy or 2 of mine are planning to get some rebreather time in.