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Michael from Glendive MT | Instructor

Seeking dive buddies/groups for freshwater dives across Montana.

I am a former NASDS instructor, but after a couple of knee surgeries my diving habits have become more conservative. Need a like-minded buddy with a similar diving style, a little more"casual", perhaps......just not into marathon swims or underwater triathlons anymore.


M2 - 5/29/2020 9:49 AM
10-14 June, 2020. All set to dive Lake McGregor and the Middle Thompson Lake. West of Kalispell, Montana. Air fills and equipment from Flathead Divers in Kalispell.
M2 - 5/20/2020 3:16 PM
10-14 June, 2020. Diving the Thompson Lakes, west of Kalispell, Montana. Divers welcome to join the fun. Anyone have any other events planned for McGregor or the Thompson Lakes chain through the summer ?
M2 - 1/16/2020 11:43 AM
Is there anyone in the Missoula/ Kalispell area that is interested in getting together this summer to dive in Lake McGregor and the Thompson Lakes west of Kalispell ?
Diver763 - 9/06/2018 8:21 PM
Hi Michael. I don’t know of anything coming up. There are 2 shops in Kalispell. 1) Rock bottom dive shop ( Might be under new management as Flathead divers). 2) Western Montana Dive Services. As I’m sure you know, the shops are usually hosting or promoting events. Generally there are several events up in Glacier Park. Been on several. Pretty good. One was underwater forest ( actual forest, 100 ft trees) pretty cool. Another one is during the salmon run. Hundreds of thousands of them spawning. There is a wall on w west side of the lake and by the lodge 1st entering, is a debris field from they tore down the old lodge. Lots to do.
M2 - 9/06/2018 9:10 PM
Thanks, Dave. I did get in touch with Flathead Fivers. They said they were putting together a dive club and they’d publish more in another month. The underwater forest sounds fascinating. An unusual alternative to giant kelp beds. Sounds very cool.
Diver763 - 9/04/2018 9:50 PM
Hey Michael. There are a few of us up in this neck of the woods.. Libby, MT.. that get out and make bubbles. The water is crisp and clear... outstanding visibility. McGregor Lake is a great dive. Back when I was search and rescue, we sunk a bunch of stuff to dive on. There are ENORMOUS crawfish worthy of boiling, and somewhere in there, is a WWII aircraft. Been looking for that for 20 years. Ever up this way, we could put a few folks in the water with you.
M2 - 9/04/2018 11:12 PM
That’d be great! I did get a chance to snorkel around McGregor a month or so ago. Most of the lakes looked pretty inviting. I have family in the Troy don’t need much of an excuse to come west. .
M2 - 9/06/2018 3:40 PM
Say Dave; would you know of any dive clubs/ groups planning to dive Flathead or McGregor Lake (MT) during the month of September ??