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Red Sea Diving

Red Sea Diving by haroon777.

Cozumel Palancar Reef
furby076’s Profile Photo
xracr96’s Profile Photo
Floating Farms with Solar
Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines
C-53 Wreck I
Dive Kittiwake Wreck
Bait Ball
Little Turtle
Making it harder to get your gear from Point A, to Point B

Making it harder to get your gear from Point A, to Point B

True Facts:The Anglerfish

True Facts:The Anglerfish

Scuba Earth
Photo Recent Dive Site Comments
TheSpoiledBrat - 11 mins ago
I went scuba diving here on 6/26/2015. Water temp: 71-75°F/22-24°C....
TheSpoiledBrat - 12 mins ago
I went scuba diving here on 6/25/2015. Water temp: 71-75°F/22-24°C....
Eric_R - 54 mins ago
I went scuba diving here on 6/28/2015. Average viz: 11-15ft/3-5m. Water temp: 56-60°F/13-16°C. Here’s the video from that dive. Lime Lake is truly majestic. youtu.be/BkpexCeaM5c...
billsoccer - 12 hrs ago
was there Sat-Sun, 6/27-6/28. Decent viz if you got in early or got away from the students! Fish on platforms will swarm you if you feed them, so perhaps we should back away from that for a while!...
Mullannix930 - 18 hrs ago
I am the head Volunteer diver for the SCUBA Refuge at Greenbo Lake. The max depth is 33’ but there are rumors of a 40’ hole that hasn’t been confirmed yet. Viz depends on rain etc (it is a stream fed lake) but gets up to about 25-30 feet in late summ...
chemist - 19 hrs ago
Rating Added: 1 I was at Gilboa Quarry on 6/27/2015 & 6/28/2015 ... I was assisting with a PADI Open Water Certification. Diving was ok ... vis 20+ feet ... diving was ok ... a lot of students were there & the bottom was kicked up quite a bit ...some...