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Patriot Scuba

Patriot Scuba by Korps.

Hairy Squat Loster
xracr96’s Profile Photo
Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines
C-53 Wreck I
Happy Memorial Day!
Portroe Quarry - North Tipperary, Ireland
Blue Ring Octopus
Sunset at Fishy Fishy Cafe in Southport NC
Trash Pick Up.

Trash Pick Up.

Women Divers in the Yucatan! Amazing.

Women Divers in the Yucatan! Amazing.

Scuba Earth
Photo Recent Dive Site Comments
BillParker - 14 hrs ago
I went scuba diving here on 10/7/2015. Average viz: 36-40ft/11-12m. Water temp: 76-80°F/24-27°C. It’s really good now at Lake Murray above the thermocline. I saw numerous schools of fish and a 2’ turtle. I had no idea turtles there got that big. The ...
dcm421 - 1 day ago
I found a quick release weight pocket and weights from a weight integrated BC about midway out to the island. Please let me know if you lost it so I can return....
cathy_mcwilliams - 1 day ago
I went scuba diving here on 10/6/2015. Average viz: Under 5ft/2m. Water temp: 76-80°F/24-27°C. worked on Nav and Buoyancy. I went from 8 pounds fresh to only 3! never knew. if only weight loss was this easy from dieting...
Cheshirecat - 2 days ago
Rating Added: 3 I was here on 09/20/2015. Vis about 5-8 ft. Shore dive. Swim out to the first reef is a bit of a swim. Not too bad if you take your time. The current was moving swiftly the day I visited. Lots of divers coming out of the water and war...
Diver237 - 2 days ago
I went scuba diving here on 1/2/2014. Average viz: Over 150ft/46m. Water temp: 81-85°F/27-29°C. Don Foster’s Dive, Carnival Cruise...
Diver237 - 2 days ago
I went scuba diving here on 12/31/2013. Average viz: 101-110ft/31-34m. Water temp: 76-80°F/24-27°C. Carnival Cruise...