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Dedicated Video Pages for the Dive Site Orientation Series
SKubaSteve - 1 day 2 hours ago.
Hey Dive Buddies! I’ve implemented a new dedicated page for the Dive Site Orientation Series. The Homestead Crater edition is currently posted for everyone to take a look at and comment. I’m also testing Wistia as a video content provider instead of YouTube or Vimeo. I’d appreciate hearing any thoughts on … Dive in to read more!...
Time for South Florida sunshine and scuba diving
JudiHope - 4 days 14 hours ago.
The next couple of weekends we will all,thankfully, be water bound in South Florida.It just wouldn't be fair to think that the Easter Bunny only has fun on land. On Saturday, April 19th, a human-sized......
Equipment… It’s only what you use to breath underwater…
brokenogre - 5 days 13 hours ago.
All too often I see divers treat their equipment as if it’s really not responsible for delivering air to them at depth. It’s interesting how some of them boast about the dollar amount on their equipment and then turn around and seemingly destroy their equipment. Not saying anyone is made of money, but seriously; when it’s your life underwater, you would think some would take special care of their equipment. But, all too often, I see divers completely disregard this simple ideal...
Sailfish diving and PADI IDC prep moving into easter fun Sailfish diving and PADI IDC prep moving into easter fun
Scubabunnycr - 9 days 23 hours ago.
The April PADI IDC is about to start +Oceans Unlimited & Go Pro Costa Rica . 5 slightly nervous, yet excited candidates ready to become instructors. Following the Scuba instructor course there is a speciality instructor training program followed by another technical diver course. Yes, another Tec diving course. More and more popular but we like that. With Easter coming so late this year it has been a long high season and since the beginning of January, Go Pro Costa Rica has been busy, with some ...
Get your scuba gear ready for Wreck Trek 2014
JudiHope - 10 days 23 hours ago.
Tired of ordinary drift diving? Wreck Diving Magazine has the solution meant to spark a thrill and lure us into an ocean of adventures.Taking place in Morehead City, North Carolina, for three action-packed days of diving, Wreck Diving......
New Handbooks: Guides to Better Underwater Photography
PixelLetch - 11 days 16 hours ago.
We’ve developed some great FREE handbooks to help give you a basic guide to many aspects of underwater photography. Titled "Guides to Better Underwater Photography", these are easy-to-read articles with lots of example photos designed to get you out in the water trying new techniques quickly.They give you basic concepts and practical tips that will help you get better photos; from how to get started, to more advanced lighting techniques. These are applicable to any type of system from compact to...
Distractions Under Water
brokenogre - 11 days 20 hours ago.
There are lots of things going on underwater while you’re diving. Your buoyancy, your breathing, your kick cycle while you’re navigating to that supposed treasure spot. It’s all happening at once, and the last thing you need is another distraction. Then it happens, your camera floods; and to add a sense of panic to this hypothetical, so does your light. You’re at 22 metres (72 feet), and the whole purpose of diving (to photograph part of reef in deep water) just flooded. ...
DIVESUMMIT.COM Not Vulnerable to Heartbleed Bug
jonathamarc82 - 12 days 12 hours ago.
On April 7th, 2014 a team of security researchers announced the discovery of a potential security flaw affecting the internet. The Heartbleed Bug is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library. This weakness allows stealing the information … Continue reading →...
The Motor Reef Wreck, La Parguera PR The Motor Reef Wreck, La Parguera PR
ginovega - 14 days 4 hours ago.
The Motor Reef Wreck (Photo taken by Pedro Padilla of Island Scuba, Guanica PR) The this site is located on Motor Reef, near Turrumote Cay, off La Parguera. The wreckage lies approximately five miles offshore, at a depth of 55 feet. Dives on the immediate site area revealed only a solitary but largely intact radial aircraft engine, with a single loose component lying nearby. The engine is encased in its cowling, and the propeller is attached and largely undamaged. Interestingly, the propeller bl...
Western Rocky! Western Rocky!
tammer - 14 days 6 hours ago. Western Rocky is in Myanmar (Burma), in the Mergui Archipelago! Check out this Decorator Crab! The only way I knew it was a crab is because I saw it move....incredible....
It’s 16 minutes into the dive… do you know where your fins are? It’s 16 minutes into the dive… do you know where your fins are?
SKubaSteve - 15 days 3 hours ago.
Diving changes the way that we interact with our environment. Understanding how that interaction changes is vital to getting the most out of our dives; being a good dive buddy and protecting our fragile reefs. If you’re a new diver you have probably looked back or down to find your … Dive in to read more! Photo © 2010 Mika Hiltunen - all rights reserved. Used with permission....
Sunday Dive Report And Update
PSD - 16 days 11 hours ago.
I’ve been taking a mini-vacation since Wednesday. I might as well because unless I can come up with $10,000 fast, I won’t be able to afford an out of country diving trip this year. I fired my accountant and headed up to Leo Carrillo State Beach to camp the night with an old female friend […]...
Cobie Smulders dives into Oceana
JudiHope - 20 days 6 hours ago.
We all know Cobie Smulders as the one woman who could tame Barney Stinson on the long-running television series known as 'How I Met Your Mother'. There is quite a bit more to Cobie than meets......
Sharkskin vs. Lavacore: Same Concept, World’s Apart Sharkskin vs. Lavacore: Same Concept, World’s Apart
Scubablog - 20 days 16 hours ago.
To Purchase Sharkskin or Lavacore? That is the question. Both manufacturers claim the same benefits: windproof, chillproof, and splashproof. While this may be true, I am here to tell you one clearly rises over the other when it comes to quality, durability, and living up to their claims. Lavacore I first purchased my lavacore full […] The post Sharkskin vs. Lavacore: Same Concept, World’s Apart appeared first on
Is Your Dive Computer Your Submersible Pressure Gauge? Is Your Dive Computer Your Submersible Pressure Gauge?
SKubaSteve - 21 days 13 hours ago.
With the proliferation of dive computers and the recent release of a recreational option from Shearwater (Shearwater just contact me for an address to send the demo ;) ) dive computers are moving from luxury to must-have dive gear. This shift is for good reason. There are many benefits to diving … Dive in to read more!...
Saving the shark through design
JudiHope - 25 days ago.
There can be nothing more rewarding than knowing that with everything that you do, your efforts lead to greater awareness of ocean conservation.Karen Batts is an eco-conscious designer with a passion for bringing greater awareness to marine......
Scubablog - 26 days ago.
A hidden world beneath the ocean’s deep blue waters beckons explorers. Many advances in today’s specialized diving equipment makes it easier for divers to fulfill their dreams of deep sea exploration, but with so many items available, which “extras” really make dives easier and should be added to our kits? Good equipment really can make […] The post IT’S THE SMALL THINGS! MY REVIEW OF A MAGNETIC HOSE HOLDER appeared first on
5 Great Scuba Diving Safety Devices 5 Great Scuba Diving Safety Devices
Scubablog - 26 days 20 hours ago.
Check out these great scuba diving safety devices that will prove their worth in an emergency situation: Scuba Diving Safety Device #1: The Nautilus Lifeline My first experience with the Nautilus Lifeline was in 2012, when I started working for a new PADI dive resort. The owners had made it a compulsory safety procedure that […] The post 5 Great Scuba Diving Safety Devices appeared first on
Fan Forest dive site in Andaman Sea Fan Forest dive site in Andaman Sea
tammer - 28 days 2 hours ago.
Fan Forest is a terrific dive site in Myanmar, the Mergui Archipelago! Check out my blog on it:
Review: The Lois Ann in San Diego
brokenogre - 3/22/2014 8:15 PM
“People come from far, far, far away to find their dreams, chasin’ down these meteors and comets called dreams, in the sky of life. There are certain hot spots where these meteors and stars have a tendency to fall; and legend has it that California is one of those spots. I believe that to be true…” – Mos Def It isn’t often that I quote hip-hop artists, but I feel that Mr. Def’s lyrics in this case happens to dead on correct in my opinion. Especially when...