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My first wreck!
Kittiwake port side
Kittiwake aft deck 8- 2014
Kittiwake spools on deck 8/14
Kittiwake aft deck aug 14
1733 fleet
Kittiwake deck
Kittiwake engine room
Kittiwake - Grand Cayman Aug/2014
Kittiwake - Grand Cayman 8/2014
Kittiwake in August 2014 3
Kittiwake in August 2014 2
Kittiwake in August 2014
Deco.Eureka Rig200’
BG lake sunken boats
Dahab, near sharmel sheikh
Bow of USS Mohawk
USCG Mohawk Dive Date 8-17-2014 (2 dives logged)
Ancient Mariner
Me in Sea Emperor
Captain of the Vandenburg
Yukon Wreck
USS Oriskany Dive Date 7-31-2010 (2 dives logged)
USS Aeolus Dive Date 8-3-2012 (1 dive logged)
USCGC Duane Dive Date 6-15-2011 (3 dives logged)
USCGB Bibb Dive Date 11-10-2012 (2 dives logged)
USAMP General Wallace Randolph AKA Thunderbolt Dive Date 7-28-2013 (1 dive logged)
USAF Vandenberg Dive Date 7-5-2010 (5 dives logged)
SS Benwood Dive Date 11-28-2010 (4 dives logged)
USS Spiegel Grove Dive Date 7-11-2010 (8 dives logged)
Sea Emperor Dive Date 12-13-2009 (2 dive logged)
Papoose Dive Date 8-3-2012 (1 dive logged)
Lt. Col. Ellery W. Niles AKA Cayman Salvager Dive Date 8-21-2013 (1 dive logged)
Joes Tug Dive Date 6-28-2011 (1 dive logged)
Eagle Dive Date 11-10-2012 (4 dives logged)
Captain Dan Dive Date 5-27-2010 (1 dive logged)
Ancient Mariner Dive Date 12-14-2009 (1 dve logged)
Adolphus Bush Dive Date 7-15-2012 (2 dives logged)
C-53 Cozumel Mexico
Spiegel Grove Wreck
USCGC Bibb Wreck