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Stingray City East - So many rays!
Stingray City East - Stingray encounter
Blue Lagoon - Laying out our gear.
Flynn Reef - Flynn Reef
Half Moon Key (Caye) Wall - Caye
Half Moon Key (Caye) Wall - Turtle
Governor’s River Walk, Gilbert Sea, ShaSha Boekani - Calypso- going out to the dive site
Roatan - Fish
Roatan - Fish
Roatan - Sponges
Utila - reef
Utila - Fish
Cessna Wall aka Cessna Wreck, Nari-nari - Cessna Wreck
Falling (Fallen) Rock Park (Joe’s Quarry) - Bucket
Falling (Fallen) Rock Park (Joe’s Quarry) - Catfish
Shark Wall - bjrambler with Harry Hersey III
Shark Wall - bjrambler
Porteau Cove - Site map (bearings to confirm)
Lake Wazee - Black River Falls - me
Pacific Reef/ Pacific Reef Light, Buoy 1 - White Spotted Filefish
Tuwanek Beach - Shore dive map
Blue Angel Resort - Shore dive
Audubon Aquarium of the Americas - aya Adventure
Jellyfish Lake - Jelly fish lake
Jellyfish Lake - Jelly fish lake
Jellyfish Lake - Jelly fish lake
Vista Point - Entrance road
Vista Point - Dive site parking area
Indra (AR-330) - Ocean at Sunset, leaving the Indra
Florida Aquarium: Dive with Sharks - Florida Aquarium, Tampa
Las Eras - Spotted Starfish at Las Eras
Las Eras - Common Octopus at Las Eras
Las Eras - Las Eras Trigger Fish
Montaña Amarilla Swim Through - Diver in Swim through
Montaña Amarilla Swim Through - Common Octopus
Montaña Amarilla Swim Through - Red Reef Lobster
The Moon Pools - Inside the Moon Pools
The Moon Pools - Moon Pools Sunshining through
The Moon Pools - The Moon Pools Los Abrigos
Poco Naufragio - Red Backed Cleaner Shrimp and Fangtooth Moray Eel
Poco Naufragio - Common Ray
Poco Naufragio - Shoal of Bream
El Puertito - Diver with Green Turtle
El Puertito - Divers and Turtle
El Puertito - Green Turtle at El Puertito Armenime Tenerife
Tabaiba - EL Raton the wreck at Tabiaba
Tabaiba - Tabaiba The Wreck
Tabaiba - Tabaiba El Raton