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Denis from Naples FL | Scuba Diver

Addicted to diving. Dive every other weekend and always looking for a buddy to go down to the Keys, drift off WPB, or check out any other spring, sink hole, lake, river, or puddle in the state of Florida and beyond. Especially love deep wrecks so please let me know who else shares this passion.


FreshBuddy - 1 day 5 hours ago.
Happy Birthday!
Smithsgold - 1 day 9 hours ago.
Happy Birthday !!!!
DiveNYCBuddy - 2 days 2 hours ago.
Thanks for the buddy request! May be down in Ft. Lauderdale one weekend soon, would love to get a dive in if you’re free to show off the FL waters!
jbm - 2 days 5 hours ago.
Hi Denis

I spend 3-4 months in Florida each winter. My wife and I travel in a RV and we generally skip about N and NW Florida diving the Gulf Coast and various springs.
I return to Florida this year in late October and will be spending time in many parts of the state , including the keys.
I travel with all my equipment, all I require is fills, and am always up for any diving opportunities, fresh or salt. And yes, wrecks are a fave as well as caverns.

Give a shout if you are game for a dive or two and we will see if we can make it happen.

Growl - 8 days 10 hours ago.
Thanks for adding me, I’ve not long started scuba diving and I’m taking my BSAC ocean diver cert, seems to be a very active forum, I’m sure it will provide lots of help/advice as I progress, all the best, Graham.
artabanus4 - 21 days 4 hours ago.
Hi Denis, thanks for the add. Florida — must be nice!
Edge12 - 25 days 5 hours ago.
If you are ever looking to dive vortex/ morrison springs on a Tuesday or Wednesday let me know.
zoomonkey - 8/01/2014 7:24 AM
Hello Denis. I am jealous that you live by the ocean. All we have in the midwest is murky lakes. : )
chemist - 7/30/2014 4:10 AM
Greetings Denis ... I live in Toledo, OH and was looking for a local dive buddy ... I appreciate the request ... I wish that I lived in FL and would like to dive with you but I don’t think I’ll be traveling to Florida soon ... thanks much
iKill4funOnline - 6/24/2014 7:13 PM
i live in Maui

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